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What is a Family Tree?

A family tree is actually a simple hierarchy which displays and shows all the members of the family together. It determines how they are associated with one another. Nowadays, the younger generation has no idea at all about their ancestors, relatives and distant members of the family; this is why a family tree can be one of the best ways to help them learn about the family and clan. Also, the best part is that the generation takes interest in understanding about their family history. Thus, the family tree can be the source to help them get familiar with the family members, no matter how distant they are.

With a family tree, children can even find out the background of their ancestors. When they know about the family members, they will likely easily recognize their distant cousins, relatives and people who rarely meet them. As they enhance their knowledge and help them get acquainted with their entire family, a family tree is also incorporated by schools in their coursework. Teachers at schools use interesting and different types of family trees to help children understand the entire family tree by highlighting members of the family. The family tree is very simple to create, starting with the head of the family, followed by the siblings and so on. 

We have explained the formation of family tree in the next section. However, if you do not want to deal with the hassle of creating a family tree on your own, then you can download free family tree templates which are available online. You can find a family tree template on word which will be a blank family tree template for you to simply edit and save your time.

Benefits of Understanding the Family Tree  
Studying and understanding family history is more than just gathering in historical knowledge. Rather, it actually builds relationships. A family tree and history helps you in learning the histories rather than just the names of the family members. Here are some reasons and benefits of understanding the family tree; 

Brings You Closer 
As they say, knowledge brings understanding. Similarly, when you learn about the names and stories behind your ancestors, those facts bring you closer, no matter how distant they are from you. The names from the past become real and alive when you get insights and lessons from the people in the past. Not only this, you tend to learn from the stories of your ancestors and likely follow their positives and neglect the negatives; to avoid the mistakes they made. 

Sense of Peace
When someone enlightens you with thorough understanding and knowledge about Family Tree, you gain mental peace. This peace is because of the similar grounds and blood you share. Also, when you find your family heroes contributing towards a noble cause, it develops a sense of belonging and peace. Instead, there is not much need for conflict; instead, more focus on building and understanding relationships. When the current generation finds the older generation of people having a similar personality and experiences, they likely learn from them and follow their productive and positive ways. 

Sense of Unity 
When you understand about the hurdles one had in their relationships, your heart softens by understanding the sacrifices they made to improve the lives of their families. When you understand this, you likely forget about the contention and differences you had, making it easier to focus on common grounds and traits that is passed from one another. 

Increased Love
Just like getting closer to the family members of your clan, it is likely that your love for your family increases, one which you may have never felt before. For example, you may have felt far away from your grandparents because of varied experiences but the understanding can bring you closer, hence increasing love between you both. The gap between the generations and their experiences stimulates appreciation for one another by providing familiarity in the first place. 

Finding Distant Relatives and Cousins  
When you explore your family history, you likely find your distant cousins and relatives you may not have heard of before. As mentioned above, a family tree template is a hierarchical representation showing all your family members. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to find your distant cousins and relatives. For example, one of your friends studying at high school is also your relative, but you never knew about it. Understanding the family tree will help you determine their identity and bring you both closer, making your bond stronger than even before. 

While there are many reasons and benefits of understanding a family tree, the major benefit is to better understand the relationships which you were never aware of. By bonding with their distant family members, one can easily understand the relationships necessary for an individual.  

Family Tree

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